Il Colle delle finestre. It will be where the Giro is won or lost this year. They are throwing this 18.6km(11.5mi) climb at the end of the second to last stage before the final TT in Milan. The stage with this is 242km (150mi) long and they are throwing this at the peloton right at the very end. If the riders aren’t near death before this stage, they will be after it. A little more on the Colle delle finestre: the final 8km are unpaved and gravel. The average grade is a crushing 9.1%. It climbs over 5500 feet in the 11.5 miles. This is going to be a hell of a Giro! Also it will be (arguably) known as one of the greatest Giri d’Italia in history. I wanna take on this climb.

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    I want to be here.
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    oh baby! harden up, gentlemen.
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    This is why die-hard fans rate the Giro so far above “Le Bore de France”.
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